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Monday, 8 March 2010

Sympathy and Empathy

Now those two words up there are unknown to me. I know you guys know them. Them are fancy words that you nice folk'll run into a whole lot. What with your fancy pants feelings and whatnot. Now me, I dun know what they ---

Alright, fuck the texan accent. Let's be serious here. I'm incapable of Empathy. Absolutely incapable. If you told me you mother had died, you were forced to live on the street and sell your body on the street for pocket change, my reply would be 'meh'. I just don't know how to. Whether it's poor social skills or just plain old douchebaggery, I just don't know how you feel. I think I'm past learning too. Can you even learn Empathy? I can see it now. A newspaper ad reads 'Are you a Dickhead? Take our Empathy course so we can teach you how others feel. Empa Co. , turning dicks into Pussies'.

Even though I just insulted pretty much everyone who cares for another human being, I would take that course. I would take that course all night, get it pregnant and then raise its children(Course Jr. and Coursina). I fucking hate not being able to empathise. It makes me feel like a dickhead (Yeah yeah, stop fucking laughing). I'd give my cat to be able to care about something or someone that is real.

New Objective: Care about someone
(Optional): Cry.

These are my objectives for the next few whenevers. I bet a tenner that it won't happen. You in?