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Sunday, 11 October 2009

On Depression

So we meet again Random Blog Reader, decided to stop by and read my, quite frankly, amazing Fallout Blogs? Well, it's tough luck for you I guess I'm not planning on updating it at the moment. Instead, I've decided I'll do a more social post about some shit thats been bothering me.
So, RBR I'll admit it. Your god is depressed. Genuinely depressed. Now, I know that hearing this will probably send you spiralling into depression and maybe even suicide as well. I mean, how can someone as awesome and flawless as me get depressed? Well, it seems I'm TOO awesome and flawless. I've got nothing too look forward to, nothing special happenning. What's the point if I'm so good at everything? Trust me RBR, being orgasmically awesome gets boring.
I'm pretty damn lonely, no girl seems to think she's up to my god-like level of awesome so they dont bother with me. Videogaming is becoming boring because I'm so good at it. I've got nothing to do at all. I've even started going to other colleges on my monday off to entertain others with my prescence. That's how fucking bored I am. If I could make myself any less awesome, maybe even normal I would. It might be fun not being the greatest person ever for a bit. I might even get me some girls then.
I'm going to go look up some crazy voodoo magic, and see if I can't find me a way to make myself less feckin' epic. Later RBR.

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