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Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Diary of Nicola Marié Evans - August 28th 2277

August 28th 2277:

Dear Diary:

Well, exploring the Super-Duper Mart was eventful. I ran into this japanese guy, Taro his name was. He saved my life a few times, he's one hell of a good shot. He tell's me hes descended from a long line of Japanese-American commando's. They're skills were passed down from father to son, and it seems these skill's managed to live through the nuclear holocaust aswell.
The Super-duper mart was filled with raiders, I'm glad I ran into Taro outside. He handed me a spare assault rifle, and we ran through the raiders like a hot knife through butter. I got shot once, but it was nothing too painful. Taro taught me some medical tips, and the pain was gone straight away. I need to keep my eye out for bandages and stimpacks.
I found the raiders stash of drugs and food, and piled it into my brahmin-skin bag. Taro said he'd hang with me for a while, he says he's bored of travelling by himself. I could use a hand in defending myself anyway, I didn't kill any of the raiders in the Super-Duper mart. I just wounded one, and Taro executed her. It was a little gruesome, but I guess she deserved it.
When I got back to Megaton, Moira gave me a free suit of leather armour and some Morphine needles. The leather armour will help keep me from getting hurt and the morphine will keep me standing up when I do get hurt. Oh, I also found out what Cap's are. Cap's are the currency in the 'Capital Wasteland'. They're just bottlecaps from Nuka-Cola bottles. I found about 200 of them in the Super-Duper mart. I don;t know why the raiders had them though, if they just pillage places for their stuff. I'm going to pay that Moriarty fellow for info on where my Daddy has gotten to. Anyway, Nic out.

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