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Friday, 4 September 2009

The Diary of Nicola Marié Evans - August 27th 2277

August 27th 2277:

Dear Diary:

I'm finally over this little 'murder' thing. It took Mr. Simm's and Moira two days to convince me that Burke deserved it. Thinking about it, he did. He wanted to kill almost fifty people! That's crazy, these are good people. On the positive side, atleast I've got a good aim?

Mr Simm's said he owes me his life, so he gave me the keys to the house near the main gate. That's right, diary I know own my own house and I'm only 19! That's a pretty swell achievement dont you think? It's such a cool house. It has a bed ... with NO lice in it. I also have this cool butler, and a wierd Vault-Tec stand. I dont know what I'm meant to put on it, but I guess I'll keep my eye's peeled for any vault tec stuff.

I've decided to start doing some research for Moira as well, she's writing a book on surviving in the wasteland. It'd be helpful for me(I'll eventually have to leave this place) and any other travellers. Tomorrow morning I'll be checking out an old super-market just a little way east from the main gate. I'm meant to be looking for food and medicine. Anyway, it's time for my to go tinker with my rifle, keep my dexterity shart and all that. G'bye!

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