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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Diary of Nicola Marié Evans - August 25nd 2277

August 25th 2277:

Dear Diary:

So, I asked Mr. Simm's about my father. He said he remember's seeing a guy fitting the description of my daddy going up to Moriarty's Salloon the day before I showed up. I checked it immediately, to see if the salloon's owner knew where my Daddy went. It turns out, Mr. Moriarty had seen my father, and knew exactly where he was headed. Guess what else? He wouldnt tell my anything without a fee of 100 'caps'. I have no idea what caps are, so I'll have to remember to ask Mr. Simms what they are.

I encountered two oddities in Moriartys salloon whilst I was there. The main one was a man who looked like, for lack of a better term, a corpse. After my conversation with Mr. Moriarty, I decided to have a chat with this corpse look-a-like. Turns out, his name was Gob and he was a 'Ghoul'. Ghouls are what humans become if they get too irradiated. They start losing their hair and bits of skin. Despite how scary they look, Ghouls dont seem to bad. one thing in particular I liked about Gob was that he kept calling me smoothskin. It's a charming term, makes me smile inside.

The other oddity was one 'Mister Burke'. He beckoned me over, and spoke in such a eloquent yet disturbing way. He didnt dilly-dally long, he pretty much got straight to the point. He wanted me to blow up Megaton. I had to stop myself from breaking into tears. What Burke asked was horrible. To destroy all these innocent people and such a fine example of a post-apocalytic town is montrous. I promptly slapped Burke, and left. I told Mr. Simm's what Mister Burke asked of me, and he immediatley drew his assault rifle. I decided I'd follow him to Moriarty's. Mr. Simm's tried to arrest Mister Burke, but Burke reached for his pistol. Being naturally perceptive, I saw this and grabbed my hunting rifle.

Diary, I killed him. I shot Burke square in the forehead. I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it. All that blood, it ... it was disgusting. *sobbing noises* I .. I ran straight back to the common house and buried my head in the first empty bed I could find. I need some sleep diary, I'll tell you more tomorrow. B - *sniff* Bye.

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  1. i become transfixed in these diary entries, you should write a book bren.