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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Brens Social Stories: My first genuinely shit social experience

So, you guy's know about socialising don't you? Y'know, going outside with your friends, probably having some beers, hitting on some chicks, that kind of stuff? Well, I had my first genuinely shit Friday Night out. Be warned, this is probably going be rage-tacular.

First of all, we went to Aldi. I don't know why, but Aldi felt shit compared to the park. Hanging out on a Car Park isn't as good as chilling out at a park. Plus, we usually get removed from Aldi by the Police. That pisses me off. What's the point in going somewhere we are going to get removed from? it seem's pointless(However, I don't blame the police for moving us away from Aldi).

I eventually managed to persuade a few people to come along to the park. However, too many people came along. If you're reading this, then you should already know that I really don't like people. Groups of too many in one place tend to annoy me. I was expecting maybe six people to go along with us? Ended up with 10, maybe more. That's too many people for me. Possibly the worst part as well, was the lack of single girls. Now, don't get me wrong I wasn't planning to get off or anything last night. I just enjoy talking to girl's. Not so much with girl's who are in relationships though. Anyway, I'm getting into the 'Awkward to Explain' territory. Moving on.

The Park had too many fucking people there. Last week, was great. The Cop's came down and got rid of all the drunks and all the Chav's who had alcohol bailed. That left very few people, maybe 10 on the entire park. Fucking paradise. It ended up being Me, Matty, Mel and Shaun chilling at the roundabout. I enjoyed, nothing like chilling with an old friend and some new friends with a can of Stella in your hand, eh? Anyway, this time we were all in one spot. I can't really be arsed telling you everyone that was there. But there was too many. A few of them weren't even my friends. So they were like wasted 'slots' in the night, if you will. Hopefull, my next social experience will be much better.

This was episode one of 'Bren's Social Stories', I've been your host Bren. I hope I've offended you with this :D

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