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Saturday, 1 August 2009

The Diary of Nicola Marié Evans - August 19th, 2277

August 19th, 2277:

Dear Diary:

I found out what happened. After leaving the Vault, I was attacked by a Yo-Gi. No, no that's not right. It was a Yo-guy? No, it was a Yao-Guia. It's basically a mutated black bear. Mr. Simm's said it attacked me, but the town sniper Stockholm managed to kill it before it killed me. Then, Mr. Simm's brought me back to Doc. Church's clinic. Oh, sorry I'm getting ahead of myself. It turns out, the world isn't as bad as The Overseer made it out to be. It is bad, just not as bad as he said. Anyway, there's a town called 'Megaton' just a little way infront of Vault 101. I havent seen any of it yet, bar this clinic of course, but it's made entirely of scrap metal that was found in the surrounding areas. Doc. Church says I can't leave for a few more days. By then, my stomach wound should have healed up. It doesn't hurt that much anymore, but I better follow the Doc's orders to be on the safe side.

Mr. Simm's said he's gonna teach me to shoot. He say's shooting a valuable skill in the 'Capital Wasteland'. He say's it's 'Kill or be Killed'. I'm not too comfortable about killing another human being, but I think I'd be fine in killing a couple of those Yao Guia's, haha. I think I better get some rest, the Doc doesn't like me recording these diaries. He say's they 'break his concentration'. Anyway, later.

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