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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Diary of Nicola Marié Evans - August 18th, 2277

August 18, 2277:

Dear Diary:

God, I dont .. I dont even know where to start. My Daddy, he left the Vault. He left early yesterday morning, just walked right out of the front door, so to speak. He left me in the vault because he wanted the best for me, because I was safe here. Yeah right! When the Overseer heard that Daddy left, he came hunting after me. I was lucky Amata found me first, she told me all this and helped me escape. On my escape, I helped Butch. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, he's and Asshole, why did I help him? Well, his Mom was being attacked by Radroaches and me being the nice girl I am helped her out. The roaches were no problem for my trusty BB gun. Butch gave me his jacket, as thanks for helping him out. He said I was an 'honourary Tunnel Snake'. A bit stupid if you ask me but whatever.

I uh ... I found Jonas dead outside the overseer office. I cant believe it, who would kill him? I broke down into tears when I found him. Took me a good few minutes to even think about leaving. Joans was such a good friend, I cant believe he's gone. He was such a nice man, always ready to help those who needed it. I found a holotape in his lab coat pocket. It explained why my Daddy left, to protect me. My Daddy will make the Overseer pay for what he's done when I find him. I promise Jonas that. I hacked the Overseers computer, and opened the secret tunnel Anata told me about.

Amata was waiting for me at the exit, she hugged me goodbye and wished me luck. I miss her already, and Ive only been gone a day. I headed straight for the old exit, and the giant vault Door closed behind me. I dont remember much that had happened after this, I opened the wooden gate into the outside and then its all fuzzy. Im recording this from a rusty shack, there's a bandage around my stomach and it hurts like hell. I hope someone shows up soon, I have a lot of questions to ask. Nic out.

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