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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Diary of Nicola Marié Evans - July 13th 2268

July 13, 2268:

Dear Diary,

I had my tenth birthday party today, it was so fun! I got loads of cool gifts. Stanley gave me the coolest baseball cap, and it was my favorite colour, Red! Amata gave me an issue of Grognak The Barbarian, with no missing pages! Can you believe that? She is the coolest friend I could ask for. I just finished reading it, and it may sound silly but I could feel the barbarian inside of me growing stronger. Oh, I almost forgot Dad gave me a BB gun! How cool is that? And check this out, I killed a Radroach! A Radroach! It was awesome! But, it wasn't all great. Butch tried to beat me up because he wanted my sweetroll, what a jerk, am I right? Also, The overseer gave me this Pipboy. I hate it, it itches and it's heavy. I also start work tomorrow, it doesnt sound very fun but I'll hope for the best. Bye for now.

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