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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Dick for Brains

Title says it all folks, my mind has gone on vacation and my Penis has taken up residence. This kind of blows. I mean, sure, Brain was a twat. He almost got kidney killed, almost made me think I liked a girl I didn't and was generally a fuckwit. He was still cooler than Penis, which isn't hard.

Seriously bro, why do you have to invade my mind? Just because Brain has buggered off, doesn't mean you can waltz in and go 'Herp derp, Any girls there? No, I dont care then'. I get it though, you haven't got any in ... well ever I guess. That does suck, and I feel for you bro but you don't need to make scoring my main ambition. I mean, what was the first thing you did when you checked the guest list for that party in a couple of weeks? C'mon fess up. Fine, I'll tell them. You checked how many girls were going. You tosser.

I want Brain back, I don't care if i end up obsessing over REDACTED again. It's better than going 'DERP VAGINA' everytime there's even the slightest chance. Penis, go fuck yourself. Brain was a better mind. You're just a tosser.

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