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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Fuck You Brain

S'been a while since I updated this, though not like anyone gives a shit. I mean really, who the fuck even reads this anymore? It's like I'm writing for myself. I think I'm just gonna bust a nut out of rage for the shit of it really. Use this as a place to vent my anger and sadness(which is just more anger). So yeah:

Fuck you Brain, you piece of shit. Why do you hate me so much? It's not like I've done anything to you. Why the fuck do you plague my mind so much? Yeah, I get it, I talked to a girl. Doesn't mean you have to make her occupy my mind for the next week. What the fuck is up with that? I'm sure you have better things than to piss me off even further. I don't even like any of these girls? What are you trying to accomplish? Trying to make me like them? That won't fucking work. I'll just end up hating them. It's a fucking proven fact, and you of all organs should know. More I think, the more I hate. God Brain, grow a fucking brain. Fucking moron. Why the fuck did you have to pick her as well? She fucking doesn't like me. Unless you think that the dislike is just a cover for her true feelings. In which case, I think Penis is smarter than you. Fucking waste of cells. You'd think an organ tailored for thinking would at least be good at it. Instead, no you must plague my mind with a girl who I don't like and doesn't like me. I bet you get some kind of sick enjoyment out of it, you enjoy seeing me recoil in rage as I try to rid my head of her. You just bring her back. And Back. And Back, ad nauseum. Seriously Brain, I barely even like her and she seriously doesn't like me. Fucking end of her. I want her to stay out of my head. And don't think this is some greenlight to bring a fucking 'nother girl into there. If you do, I'll probably kill us both. Then what will kidney do? His blood will be on your hands. Yeah, you better think that over you useless piece of shit. Swear to God you piss me off, fucking twat.


  1. just like to let you know that i still read these and they never fail to make me smile (: